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"I've Got 99 Problems, Juice Cured Like 89 Of Them.."


The So Juicy Cleanse is designed to rest and recharge your digestive system. This nutritionally balanced cleanse will give your body healthy sustenance while you take a break from overly processed or unhealthy foods. Your So Juicy Cleanse package includes a daily schedule of 6 cold pressed juices. This guide will help you before, during and after you complete your cleanse.

A cleanse (or juice fast) is a great way to reset your body’s relationship with food. If your intention is to eat healthier, this diet of vegetable and fruit juice can recalibrate your taste buds and help you adapt to a more nutrient-rich way of eating. You’ll be drinking fruits, vegetables, and apoptogenic herbs, eliminating any of the chemical additives found in processed foods.

The benefit of a cleanse is as much about what you eliminate from your diet as what you consume while cleansing. Detoxing from the Standard American Diet can have a huge impact in how you feel both physically and psychologically. If you’ve wondered if your body is sensitive to gluten, sugar or dairy, the So Juicy Cleanse will wipe the slate clean. You can continue to follow a diet that eliminates any of these potential aggravators and see how you feel without them.

A cleanse is not a crash diet and should not be considered as a quick fix, rather it’s a giant step toward a long-term healthy lifestyle. You will find that your overall appetite is reduced, and after consuming small portions of highly concentrated vitamins and minerals, your cravings for carb-heavy and/or sugar-loaded foods will be much more manageable.



Drinking cold pressed juice gives your body a megadose of whole food vitamins and minerals. We make our juice by slow grinding raw fruits and vegetables, then extract the juice using a powerful hydraulic press. Little to no oxygenation occurs using the cold press method so enzymes, vitamins and minerals stay fresh and potent, even up to 3 to 5 days after juice is made. Your body can easily absorb these nutrients without having to break down or digest any pulp or fiber.



Transitioning toward eating only vegetables and fruits should start at least 3 days before you begin your cleanse. This will help your body ease in and reduce the intake of foods that impede digestion.

Avoid any heavy or processed foods and take a break from alcohol, sugar and dairy. White flour, bread and pasta should also be eliminated. Drinking purified water is an important component to the cleanse itself and you can give your body a head start by drinking at least 64 ounces of water a day.

Cut back on caffeinated drinks. Caffeine in itself is not harmful, but regular brewed coffee is too acidic to drink while you cleanse.



Start each morning with a room temperature or warm glass of water with a teaspoon of fresh squeezed lemon juice. You want to be finishing one drink approximately every two hours. It’s your choice to sip slowly or drink quickly but do not gulp – the juices are more filling than you think. In between – DRINK WATER. You should be drinking at least 64 ounces a day.



It might feel strange at first, but you can and should “chew” your juice. Your mouth releases digestive enzymes when you chew, these can help your body absorb nutrients more effectively.

Shake your juice before drinking. The separation you see in the bottle is a natural function of gravity – heavier elements will settle to the bottom.

Always keep your juice refrigerated. We recommend you use an ice pack to keep your juice cold if you are bringing it with you to work. Your energy level will rise and dip throughout the day for the first two days, rest when your body tells you to. It’s often just the case that you are paying more attention to your body’s cues and signals when you’re not distracted by an eating routine.

Light to moderate exercise is encouraged. If you have a more rigorous workout schedule, please talk to us and we can adjust your cleanse to increase the caloric intake.

If you must eat, we suggest raw fruit: an apple, pear, banana, or avocado. Eating anything heavy or solid will need to be digested, this cleanse is intended to give your system a rest.

Chewing gum will make you feel hungry, and we do not recommend it. Drink water instead.

Our goal is for you to succeed. Please contact us if at any point you have questions or need guidance. We are here for you. Email us at and we will get back to you right away.



You made it!! You have just given your system a clean break. And your body has absorbed a megadose of vitamins and minerals. Don’t break your cleanse with a binge meal. Start slowly, eat only fruits and vegetables on the day after your cleanse. To maximize your results, follow the post-cleanse schedule below. Eat frequently, in small amounts – you will get full quickly. Avoid dairy and meat for the next few days. Hold off on heavy or fried foods for at least a week. Don’t pour grease down your nice new pipes. Taking a probiotic supplement can strengthen your gut flora and keep your system moving.



Let us know if you find yourself craving cold pressed juice and we can keep you supplied with juices after your cleanse!



This cleanse has given you an opportunity to reset your body’s digestive system. Moving forward you will benefit by continuing to make fruits and vegetables a mainstay of your diet. The interest you have in eating for health can be sustained by seeking out new cooking techniques, recipes, restaurants and farmers markets.

This is also a great time to make a committed transition to clean eating. Clean eating is a habit that you’ve already started! There are many benefits from eliminating chemical and artificial food additives from your diet. The end result is feeling positive about what you eat. You may want to start juicing or making green smoothies at home. We can recommend quality juicers and great-tasting recipes.


Our shop is stocked with fresh cold pressed juices. You can also get made-to-order salads, smoothies and other healthy treats. Come see us at 208 N Carson Street Carson City NV 89701.




This product has not been pasteurized and therefore may contain harmful bacteria that can cause serious illness in children, the elderly, and persons with weakened immune systems.
The above information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Consult your doctor first if you have any health concerns. Do not undertake a fast or cleanse if you have any of the following conditions: are pregnant or nursing, have liver disease or hepatitis, have diabetes, or have an allergy to any food or ingredient listed.

Common Questions

   What if I want to stop a day early or add three days onto my current cleanse?

Am I only going to drink the items provided to me for the next number of days? Yes! You really should! But, if you need to have some raw fruits and vegetables.

   Will I gain energy?

Yes! During the first few days of your juice cleanse your body heavily detoxifies. You do this by utilizing the energy usually set aside for digestion. So, as a byproduct of slowing down or stopping your digestive process you gain lots of energy. Once the detoxification process begins to be completed, that extra energy is then used to fuel greater brain and body function and harmony.

   How long should I cleanse?

Three days of juice cleanse will greatly detoxify you. However, it is a very personal experience and some people will take longer to get fully detoxified. It is also dependent somewhat on age. Most people beyond the age of 30 have begun to store toxins in large quantities. This will take a little longer to clean out. Seven full days of juice cleansing will purify your blood of bacteria and other harmful parasites.

   Can I pick up all my juice at one time?

We would encourage you to pick up your juice daily. Plus, this gives us a chance to check in on how you are doing on your cleansing journey.

   What if I want to stop a day early or add three days onto my current cleanse?

No problem! Just always be sure to communicate this with us 24 hours in advance. This will help us to either stop production or increase it per your needs. You just might find that you feel so good on your juice cleanse that you keep it going for a few more days. Plus, you know that the longer you cleanse, the better it is for you.

   What if I am allergic to almonds or other ingredients?

If you have allergies to any of the cleanse ingredients let us know and we can try to alter the cleanse to suit your dietary requirements.

   Don’t I need fiber in my diet?

Yes, in general you do need fiber. But while you are cleansing you want to give your digestive system a break. Without having to process fiber and solid food, your body can quickly absorb the vitamins in the juice; your system doesn’t have to do any extra work.

   Can I drink coffee on my cleanse?

Well…yes and no. If you have been afraid to do a cleanse for fear of giving up coffee, you could try some cold brewed coffee. Caffeine is not extremely harmful in and of itself, but regular hot-brewed coffee is too acidic to tolerate while cleansing. Keep in mind, while cleansing the body, the body will be aggressively removing it along with many, many other toxins. So, drinking more would be counterproductive. People who drink a lot of caffeine will often develop a headache on and off for at least a day or to while cleansing.

   Can I drink tea?

Yes! Stay away from caffeine if possible. Stick with herbal teas such as rooibos or chamomile.

   Can I drink alcohol while I’m cleansing? It is a liquid…

No, your liver has to work hard to process the alcohol and your body is already detoxing. Don’t make your liver do extra work.

   What if I take medication, should I stop that too?

Consult with your doctor before stopping any medication.

   How much weight will I lose?

While the cleanse is not a weight loss system, people have seen weight loss as a side effect of the cleanse.

   Will I feel hungry?

You should not feel hungry if you follow the schedule. If you do feel hungry, we encourage you to increase your intake of herbal tea and purified water. It is okay to eat a small amount of raw fruit; it won’t ruin your cleanse as long as you keep up with the cleanse schedule.

   Do I need to consume the drinks in order listed here?

We recommend you follow the schedule but if modifying the order of drinks will make your cleanse more enjoyable then please do so.

   Can I do the cleanse if I am pregnant?

No. There a not enough calories or fats in a cleanse to support your physical needs.

   If I am breastfeeding, can I cleanse?

There is not enough fat content in a cleanse to support your milk production. But a cleanse is a great way to reset once you’re done breastfeeding./p>

   Will this cleanse help me quit smoking?

If you are a smoker and hoping to use the cleanse as a jump off point, we fully support you! Give your body the break it deserves, and you’ll be rewarded with great health. Do not smoke while cleansing; your body is very sensitive to chemical inputs while you fast.